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First aid kit for dogs and cats

📌 Did you know that more than half of Poles have a dog or a cat at home?

In Poland, as many as 14 million pets live with us under one roof. According to the recent research (GfK Polonia, 2023) there are currently more households with a dog in Poland than with a child.

What makes pets so welcome in our homes?

Many factors influence this phenomenon. First of all, the way we think about animals is changing - more and more of us treat our dogs and cats as full family members, caring for them with the same care as for people. This change in approach particularly concerns younger generations.

💜 Oh yes,  Millennials and Zetas love animals!

They have more and more of them and take care of them like fr their own children. Hence the term "pet parent" appears more and more often in public space.

🚀 Social awareness about animal wellbeing is growing.

The phenomenon of adopting shelter animals is gaining popularity. This is folowed by a change in purchasing trends. The demand is growing not only for the so-called "first necessities", such as food or hygiene products, but also for other goods necessary while traveling or while playing, to provide animals with the best and safest living conditions.

We spend more and more time with our pets.

We value employers who allow us to take our pet to work. Traveling with a dog or cat is the norm, and many places, such as restaurants and hotels, are becoming "pet friendly". Condorferries, a ferry operator in the UK, reported that more than half of pet owners worldwide take their furry friends on holiday (2021).

🌟 Emergency situations can happen to anyone!

However, every animal lover knows that taking care of a four-legged friend means not only daily walks, feeding and cuddling, but also a lot of responsibility.

Various emergencies can happen to our dogs or cats, such as cuts, burns, stomach problems or even accidents. No matter how well we take care of our four-legged friends, we cannot always avoid such events.

🐾 First aid kit for dogs and cats #ZNapędemNa4Łapy 🐾

With the needs of pets and their owners in mind, we have created a first aid kit that not only provides quick and effective help when needed, but also gives you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for such an eventuality.

Developed based on the knowledge and experience of experts, including veterinarians, behaviorists and breeders, and on solid scientific foundations to ensure optimal benefits for animal health.

It has been composed to provide comprehensive support in emergency situations. The products in the first aid kit are easy to use and quick to prepare, which allows for quick and effective help even in difficult conditions.

The contents of the first aid kit include veterinary products, i.e. intended specifically for animals, with a wide range of applications depending on the model: for injuries, cuts, burns, gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, poisoning and replenishing electrolytes during intense exercise of the animal.

The first aid kit for dogs and cats has been designed in 4 versions:

  • BASIC version - contains the very necessary minimum

  • URBAN version - contains everything you need for a walk in the city or a short trip, all packed in a handy shoulder bag

  • ACTIVE version - provides comprehensive support, e.g. during active recreation with your pet and while traveling, e.g. with the whole family

  • PROFESSIONAL version - for working dogs, designed to provide them with the greatest possible protection.

🔎 Where can you find them?

You can find first aid kits in our Sklepie Wartości

👉 For whom?

We hope that our first aid kit will become an indispensable element of the equipment of every home in which they live and every car in which our four-legged friends travel.

It can also be used in places where animals are welcome, such as hotels, gas stations, restaurants, grooming salons, pet hotels, animal care institutions, and all animal-friendly workplaces.

📣 We invite you to cooperate and build value together!

Our first aid kit for dogs and cats was created with the well-being and safety of our animal companions in mind.

This is the first step in our efforts to increase pet owners' awareness of the importance of taking care of their pets' health. We plan to conduct a number of educational activities together with experts from various fields.

If you see a space for cooperation and want to join our project, we invite you to cooperate.

🙏🏼 Why with us?

We designed and sewed the first aid kit at Atelier Wartości. As a social economy entity, among others, we run a social sewing factory that creates jobs for people at risk of social exclusion, for whom work is an important stage of professional reintegration.

Products sewn in our sewing room are good for several reasons:

  • good because Polish - made in Poland, and the fabrics we use come mainly from local producers and distributors

  • we do not waste - the leftovers from production are used as fillings, e.g. for Paw Wow animal mascots, and we create lines of educational products, e.g. The Creation Box

  • they bring good to others - our business is social. You buy - you support. By purchasing our products, you support the development of the social economy.



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