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Mobile workshops of sewing pillows with a folk tune

During the holiday season, we are implementing a pilot project called "Warsztatowy zawót głowy" ("Workshop Vertigo"), which is financed by the grant program "MOWES2 - Małopolska Social Economy Support Center - Western Małopolska".

The aim of the project was to create a workshop offer that we will be able to implement both in a stationary sewing room and in any location in a mobile form. In the business context, increasing our machine park with machines that make it possible to conduct workshops anywhere will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of our company.

We have developed traveling tailoring workshops as a form of ergotherapy, which on the one hand will contribute to the creation of jobs for people ready to work outside the home (as workshop instructors) and will allow people employed in such a sewing room to be more self-reliant, independent and give a chance for further development. On the other hand, it will allow participants, beneficiaries of workshops, to perform manual classes aimed at improving manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination and graphomotor skills.

An important part of the workshop is to build both the person conducting and the participant a sense of independence and the belief that they can cope with everyday challenges, which has a direct impact on psychological well-being and a sense of agency. As a result, the workshops are supposed to improve the participant's self-esteem, help break down barriers in everyday communication and contribute to the improvement of social skills.

Workshop activities initiated by the "Workshop Vertigo" project are part of the ongoing process of changing the system of planning, organizing and providing social services in the local community and increasing their availability to the inhabitants of the commune. Tailoring workshops in the traveling formula will be conducted mainly in entities providing social services, for people using CUS, GOPS and in non-governmental organizations and social economy entities as well. The target audience is all interested residents of municipalities, in particular seniors, children and youth, as well as people at risk of social exclusion.

The project creatively combines the present with the past and the future, and also fits into the area of ​​our activity related to the protection of intangible heritage, because some of the pillows were made of decorative elements related to local folklore, patterns and colors referring to the Małopolska region.

In addition, the workshops have the value of ecological education, because the fabrics that we use in the project largely come from local producers and are the ends of the series intended for destruction and products withdrawn from sale.

We conducted two pilot pillow sewing workshops at KIS Miechów for Seniors from the Day Senior Home in Miechów and at the Ambasada Kreatywności (Embassy of Creativity) in Chrzanów, where we hosted by the Międzynarodowego Centrum Partnerstwa Partners Network. We are planing regular workshops in this mobile formula starting September 2023.


The initiative is financed as part of the grant program under the MOWES2 project - Małopolski Ośrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej – Małopolska Zachodnia (Małopolska Social Economy Support Center - Western Małopolska).


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