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Beautiful „folkLOVE patchWORKi”

The project inspired by regional motifs of Lesser Poland

In the fourth quarter of this year, we implemented the „folkLOVE patchWORKi” project as part of the "Mowes2 - Małopolska Social Economy Center - Metropolitan Area of Lesser Poland.

The goal of the „folkLOVE patchWORKi” project was to develop prototypes of three dresses for children as part of a new sewing product line using folklore motifs. This step is to allow us to permanently introduce new products to the sewing room offer in the near future and to further develop this part of our activities connected to the protection of intangible heritage.

The key aspect of the task was the use of folklore motifs on the clothing. The minimalism of the form on the one hand and the creative transformation of traditional designs on the other have made up the final effect. The clothing design uses an element related to local folklore, pattern and colors referring to the Lesser Poland region. An additional element attached to the clothing is the educational brochure addressed to children describing in an attractive form from which region the pattern integrated into clothing comes from. We were supported by Mrs. Jola and Mr. Piotr from the graphic studio.

This is just the beginning, because then we plan to gradually expand the collection with new products. We will be enriching the collection with further clothing with folklore elements from regions other than Małopolska.

We focus not only on the quality of our products, but also to the resources we use. The materials we used on the project and plan to use in serial production will come from local manufacturers and distributors, largely from the ends of the series intended for destruction or remnants of fabrics withdrawn from sales.

The possibility of displaying prototypes in the store space of ANGELIC STORE, ou partner's store located in Krakow's Cloth Hall allowed us to examine the interest of potential recipients.

Three aspects were of the key importance to the „folkLOVE patchWORKi” project:

• Offer - expanding the company's offer with new products and the way they are distributed

• Social - providing jobs for people who have a problem finding themselves on the labor market

• Educational - clothing and educational brochure encouraging children to learn about the intangible heritage of the region.

„FolkLOVE patchWORKi” is an undertaking that is part of the company's long -term plans and in the long run has a chance to provide stable employment with sewing employees, and gives the company a chance to develop.


The initiative is financed as part of the Grant Program in the "Mowes2 - Małopolska Social Economy Center - Krakow Metropolitan Area"


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