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Let's go #4PawDrive!

The PAW WOW brand was created for quadrupeds and their owners

We are starting #4PawDrive!

We are accelerating with our online shop, where products are increasing day by day.

With you and your animals in mind, we have created the Paw Wow brand addressed to quadrupeds and their carers.

We invite you to our Sklepu Wartości. Here you will find lairs, blankets, houses, bags and mascots. Home and on travel. For kittens and for dogs, various ointments and sizes.

Do you like it and do you think it is WOW? If so, give like or paws up.

Natural, elegant or sports look?

As part of the #Pawwow collection, we have 3 products that we are constantly developing.

If you are looking for something classic, colors and patterns selected so that they fit into the interior in which you live, then the ELEGANCE line is for you. The power of pastels and subdued colors is unmatched. The highest quality materials, carefully selected in terms of quality and functionality, and a carefully refined shape - all with the convenience of your pets.

In harmony with nature - this is the guiding thought of the NATURE line. Colors integrated into the surrounding nature, the colors of nature. Like materials and shapes - simple, imitating nature with a delicate hint of vintage.

The SPORT line is intense, full with vibrant colors corresponding to its sporty character. We focus on good materials that are easy to keep clean and dry quick. Whether in the mountains or on the water, winter or summer, these materials will not disappoint you.

We are driven by values

PAW WOW products are characterized by high quality and finishing. The fabrics from which they are made are of the highest species. When designing individual articles, we made sure that aesthetic and operational considerations were properly balanced. The result is an original design and comfort of use by animals.

By creating our collections, we attach great importance to both quality and origin or distribution of materials from which we make our products. The materials we use are mainly from local producers and distributors. Remains created in production are the filling of e.g. toys.

All wool and a yard wide

All these beautiful poducts are created in our social sewing room, which task is to create jobs for people at risk of social exclusion. Products made in our sewing room are good products, not only because they are of high quality. They are such because they are created with heart and carry for others.

Ps. As the Christmas time is coming you can now find at our store some presents for your four-legged friends.

All our products are available in our store Sklepie Wartości.

We are planning more PAW WOW products to come, stay tuned.


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