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Let's start with the value

Values, as you know, are an individual matter, the effect of upbringing, our worldview, experiences and observations, or generally approach to life. Their hierarchy may change depending on the age, events or the life situation at which we are at the moment.

One thing is certain, each of us has some values. Okay, but what are they? What role do they play? Values are all that is important and valuable to us, which we strive for, which enriches our lives and suggests how to act. Such an internal signpost, compass when making decisions.

It's okay, but how to "embrace" the values when the team comes into play? A team consisting of different units, each with their own value palette? By building our Atelier Wartości, our motor was the desire to positively influence the surrounding reality. On this basis, we have developed our 'valuable package', which we agreed as a team, and which is now a compass in our team activities.

And what are your values? Maybe we are on the way and we will work out a common value in our surroundings. Because by acting together we can achieve more. Even success. As Albert Einstein said, "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”.


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