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New Year's Eve #4PawDrive

The few tips on how to improve the comfort and safety of our pets on this day

New Year's Eve with the loud sounds of fireworks is certainly not the favorite day of the year for our four-legged friends. That's why it's worth taking care of our dogs and kittens especially on this day, when you can hear crackers and fireworks around us.

Below are some simple tips that we can implement to at least slightly improve the comfort and safety of our pets:

1. Home alone? Definitely not on New Year's Eve. Our presence increases the pet's sense of security. Our absence increases his anxiety and stress.

2. Let's act as if nothing happened. Because our mood is contagious to our pets, so let's be calm ourselves.

3. If you go for a walk, be sure your pet is on a leash. Let's choose secluded places, not too far from home, ones that the dog knows well.

4. Be sure to provide our little one with an address tag by the collar.

5. A favorite blanket or cuddling toy, e.g. our sweet Paw Wow mouse, will help to calm down an upset quadruped.

6. Let's not take our cat out of the bag if it hides there. A frightened kitten often seeks shelter, for example, in furniture, a windowless bathroom, a cat house or other secret hiding place. Don't force him if he feels safest there.

7. In the room where our dog is staying, we can cover the window and play calm music a little louder.

8. If your pet tolerates gunshots very badly, it is worth consulting a veterinarian about administering sedatives.

As an option, you can always pack up quickly, take your favorite trinkets and your pet's travel bag and escape to a quiet place, somewhere far away from the city, where you will welcome the New Year together.

Have a great time for you and your little ones with #4PawDrive and all the best in the New Year to you.


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