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#OEES2019 - eye opening at the values

Economists, businessmen, local government officials, non -governmental organizations, people of culture and science. For two days, 3,000 people debated on climate change, tomorrow's technologies, responsible fashion, market without work and invasion of tourists, trying to find a remedy for the problems of the modern world. Idealists?

"Values" was the word that appeared most often in various scenes and contexts. The key word to build a new model of the economy, a economy based on social values.

Value - the key word? Yes, but on condition that the value will not be just a word-disguise or a tool for fighting those who have different values than us, as Professor Jerzy Bralczyk rightly noted.

"Value" has power in our team for sure. For us, the Congress #OEES2019, it was above all the possibility to experience and show to others how being open to other people is important in our daily lives. Sensitivity to those who overcome various restrictions on a daily basis.

We are idealists and we keep working. See you in a year.

PS Thank you to ING Polska for inviting us to ING #OEESMeetingPoint


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