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We have got it! Social and Solidarity Economy Quality Mark 2020

Because we are driven by values

The ending year surprised us very nicely.

We are very pleased to inform you, our partners, clients, beneficiaries that we have received a certificate of the Social and Solidary Economy Quality Mark certificate 2020.

We were awarded by the chapter of the competition in the Debut of the Year category and thus we found ourselves among 150 entities awarded this year.

Thank you!

As a social economy, we try to combine economic goals with social commitment in our activities. We work with values. We not only care about the quality of the products we create and the services we provide. The social aspect and support of those who need help are very important in our daily activities. And although the passing year was not the easiest one, we are all the more pleased that our efforts were noticed.

We attach the Quality Mark and we continue with new power. After all, we are driven by values.

See you in the next edition of the competition. Maybe this time in the market success category?

Konkurs o przyznanie certyfikatu Znak Jakości Ekonomii Społecznej i Solidarnej 2020 organizowany jest w ramach projektu pn. System certyfikacji znakami jakości dla podmiotów ekonomii społecznej i jednostek samorządu terytorialnego, współfinansowanego ze środków unijnych, realizowanego w partnerstwie przez Ministerstwo Rodziny, Pracy i Polityki Społecznej, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego oraz Europejski Dom Spotkań - Fundację Nowy Staw. Każdego roku Kapituła Konkursu nagradza najlepsze podmioty wspierające zatrudnienie i integrację osób zagrożonych wykluczeniem społecznym oraz społecznie odpowiedzialne samorządy w pięciu kategoriach: Debiut Roku, Najlepszy Pracodawca, Sukces rynkowy, Przedsięwzięcie PES współfinansowane ze środków zwrotnych EFS, Społecznie odpowiedzialny samorząd.

The competition for granting the Social and Solidarity Economy Quality Mark is organized as part of the project entitled Certification system with quality signs for social economy entities and local government units, co-financed by EU funds, implemented in partnership by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the European House of Meetings - Nowy Staw Foundation. Each year, the Chapter of the Competition rewards the best entities supporting the employment and integration of people at risk of social exclusion and socially responsible local governments in five categories: Debut of the Year, Best Employer, Market Success, PES project co -financed from ESF founds, Socially Responsible Local Government.


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