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"Spick and span sewing room"

The project aiming to create workstations and workshop stations

In the second half of 2022, we were strongly focused on the implementation of the project "Spick and span sewing room sewing room", implemented as part of the grant program "MOWES2 - Małopolski Ośrodek Ekonomii Społecznej - Krakow Metropolitan Area".

Its main goal was to create a workplace for people who are willing and ready to work outside the home. Until now, the operation of the sewing room was based on a work model tailored to the needs of a given person and gave the opportunity to work in safe home conditions, on machines made available by us.

Thanks to the project "Spick and span sewing room", we gained space and the opportunity to create a stationary sewing room, and thus to create jobs for people ready to work outside their homes. This will allow people employed in such a sewing room to be more self-reliant, independent and give them a chance for further development.

There were three aspects most important for the project:

• Objective - providing workstations and workshop desks,

• Social - providing stationary jobs for people who have problems with finding themselves on the labor market,

• Educational and integrative – non-profit workshops on topics related to intangible and ecological heritage (recycling and upcycling) and addressed, among others, to: children, youth and seniors, will be an incentive to learn about the local tradition and to integrate.

As a result of work that lasted several months, a place was created where you want to sew with joy. We hope that our co-workers and workshop participants will feel very comfortable here.

We have a lot of ideas for workshops in our head. For example, such as those that took place for the final of the project - upcycling workshops related to intangible heritage, where the task of the participants was to decorate cotton tote bags with traditional folk patterns from the Małopolska region. The result exceeded our expectations.

See for yourself what beautiful and original bags were created based on patterns and colors from the Krakow region. This is called creative transformation of tradition!

P.S. If you have an idea for a workshop in our sewing room that you would like to take part in, we are waiting for your suggestions.


The initiative was financed as part of the grant program under the project "MOWES2 - Małopolska Social Economy Center - Krakow Metropolitan Area"


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